I took a very interesting route to get where I am now. I must admit that I wanted to plan events since I was a little girl. At pre-school age, I was creating concerts for my family in my own room, I was thinking about entrance fees, gifts and amusements, my imagination did not disappoint me. Even later, the evening planning continued to be my strength, I created events on my birthday and on my name day and I also helped my friends.

I did not start my career in this industry. After middle school, I continued my studies at the Riga Art and Media school, where creativity and art occupied a great role in my life. However, then I took the next daring step and started learning in a completely different field - Business Management, which opened up a whole new door in my life. I fell in love with learning and realised that whatever my next step would be, the business would certainly be part of it. Although creativity and business continued to go hand in hand, something was missing - the work I love.

Then it happened, I was 22 years old, I recently started business education and I was looking for a job that I would like to do and with which I could combine with school. And I found it, and no, it was not related to planning or decorating the event, I began to work as a sales assistant/ consultant at Zara store. And I would not even be able to say how much life experience I got there. I quickly climbed the career ladder of this company until I reached the position of the store coordinator and it really was my place. I had the opportunity to bring ideas to life, to provide support, guidance and recommendations and the most important thing to decorate, arrange a shop floor and day to day communication with clients and coworkers. The most favorite task was to present fashion trends to the team, it was such an exciting process. Every season I made it more interesting, I attracted professional photographers, I looked at each detail of the costumes and tried to arrange this event as interesting as possible. And all this helped me understand my call, which was right there with me all this time. Although I knew I would not work forever in this company because I was studying to start my own business. After all this life experience this was, in my opinion, the most painful step in my career.

I overcame this great farewell and got there, where I am now. Happier than ever. From the very beginning, this has been my call because it encompasses everything I had hoped to attain in a career. Although maybe it has come a long way, this adventure has given me a lot of experience. And it has given me excellent planning, creative and other strong skills that allow me to enjoy and love the event planning process. Wedding planning is my favorite process, from the first meeting with the couple, to the time of farewell. Each pair is different and therefore each wedding is different. It's so beautiful and such a personal journey and the fact that I can be part of this all is indescribable. And that I can make this trip more exciting, pleasantly surprised, and ease over stress, makes me genuinely happy. My goal is to create unforgettable adventure for Bride and Groom, bring their dreams to life and most importantly give them advice and support. 






UK Academy of Wedding and Event Planning



Latvian Univerity, Faculty of Business, Management and Economics



The University of Economics and Culture



Latvian Business College


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HONESTY - Honest and respectful attitude towards customers, employees, partners and ourselves


CREATIVITY - Creative ideas and innovations, what promotes growth


QUALITY - Continuous improvement of productivity and quality


The most exquisite wedding decorations seen! One of the things that we got most compliments on our wedding day was decorations! Huge thanks to Ilze, who is a very talented and cool person.

Undīne & Kristaps


Yes, Ilze has a very good taste and sense of style - as a result, an outstanding decorator's performance at the wedding!

Iveta (Undīne's Mom)

Outstanding work, both in organization and in decorations! Ilze perceived our ideas and desires and filled each one of them; a great assistant in wedding making. We could enjoy our wedding day, rejoice at the small surprises that Ilze had prepared and not worry about the day's course, because we realized from the very first conversation that Ilze could be trusted. Thank you for your unforgettable and beautiful wedding day!

Marta & Kaspars

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